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Newark Lock & Safe Newark, NJ 973-512-5417Panic bars are installed at all commercial and residential buildings for two reasons. First, they are easy to access in a disaster situation like an earthquake or fire and second, they are impossible to access from outside and keep external threats at a safe distance. All apartments and commercial buildings are mandated by the authorities to get panic bars installed to maintain optimum security standards.

Newark Lock & Safe is a professional locksmith that offers panic bar repair and maintenance services to commercial clients throughout Newark, NJ. We also specialize in providing push bar or panic bar fresh installation service to commercial establishments.


These are an essential component of any large building as they help seal off key exit points from outside, making it impossible for thieves to break into the building. A panic bar is a tube-like structure on the emergency exit door that is easy to open during emergencies like an earthquake. It also supports the building’s fire compliant policy. Moreover, commercial establishments with faulty bars often attract heavy penalty from authorities.

Get installation services from us

We offer a wide range of heavy-duty panic bars for commercial establishments and install them on different types of doors, ranging from wooden to aluminum. If you need a panic bar fresh installation, simply call our team of locksmiths and they will help you choose the one within your budget range and carry out the installation procedure at a nominal price. We also ensure that the system is working properly through several maintenance checks post installation.

Get inspected

If your panic bar is not working properly, call our locksmiths and have them examined. Our technicians are quick to detect any faults with the system and will carry out a repair service to get them back into top shape. We also offer affordable maintenance services to ensure that the system is in good working condition.

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Why should you choose us for all your lock & key needs? Our locksmiths are spread throughout Newark, NJ and can reach any location at the drop of a hat. Plus, we are available round-the-clock and respond to urgent requirements even in the middle of the night.

Need a panic bar fresh installation? Our locksmiths can install panic bars at your commercial establishments in accordance with the safety codes. Call us on 973-512-5417 to avail our service!